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Personal injury, wrongful death & all accidents:

    ·         Wrongful Death 
·         Auto / truck / boat accidents 
·         Pedestrian / motorcycle accidents 
·         Elder Abuse 
·         Dog bites / burn injuries / slip & fall 
·         Farm / back & neck injuries 
·         Medical Mal Practice 
·         Sexual Harassment 
·         Discrimination 
·         Whistle blower protection

Personal Injury: Our firm represents individuals involved in controversies alleging a wrongdoing or damage to another person's rights, reputation, or property resulting from events or activities such as automobile accidents, defective products, infliction of emotional distress, intentional misconduct and negligence.

Auto Accident Procedures:

Stop immediately. Stay calm and do what you can within reason to avoid blocking traffic.

1.   Check to see if anyone is injured. Don't move any person who is injured.

2.   Call the police and cooperate fully with the officer. 

3.   Only give information necessary to explain what happened. 

4.   Never admit guilt or fault.

5.   If an insurance adjuster shows up at the scene: (don't give any statements and don't sign anything.)  

6.   If possible get the names, addresses and phone numbers of  witnesses. Make a mental note of what witnesses say, like, 
      "That black car was flying."

7.   Visit your doctor as soon as you can.

8 .  Inform your insurance company of the collision.

9.   Call Michael Goldberg. Before signing any statements, consult a law firm that helps people who have been injured. At
      The Goldberg Law Firm, we have helped
thousands of clients get the money they deserved for their injuries.

At The Goldberg Law Firm, we handle your personal injury claim from start to finish. We work quickly and accurately to gather the evidence needed to build a successful case. Michael Goldberg handles all settlement negotiations with insurance adjusters and is committed to take your case to arbitration or trial if necessary.         


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